New York City FC's Mix Diskerud shares story behind enormous collection of Yankees caps

Mix Diskerud had no choice when he purchased his first New York Yankees hat.

“Growing up in Norway, the only kinds of hats you get are with the New York logo,” Diskerud said at New York City FC’s media day on Wednesday. “They don’t really sell the Boston Red Sox, the Cubs or the Dodgers or anything like that.”

The next 69 Yankees hats, though, are a different story.

“After a while, when I went to the States, although I could have a different selection, I always took the New York logo,” Diskerud said. “It fit perfectly coming here, because now I have something like 70 caps with the New York logo on it.”

However, the US international’s obsession with the Yankees logo has very little to do with the baseball team it represents.

After all, the NYCFC midfielder hasn’t watched a lot of baseball – “There’s not a lot of baseball on TV in Norway, I have to be honest” – and doesn’t have a favorite Bronx Bomber.


“I’ll tell you what, I will probably watch a lot of games moving forward now, and within the next year, I’ll give you my favorite player,” Diskerud said.

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Up until now, the closest Diskerud has come to Yankee Stadium is a view from the Major Deegan Expressway.

“I haven’t been there,” Diskerud said. “A couple of days ago, me and some of the guys drove past it. It was fun to see where we would be playing.”