Gus Johnson and Eric Wynalda
Courtesy of Fox Soccer

Gus Johnson, Eric Wynalda to call UEFA Champions League final on FOX network channel | SIDELINE

Popular American football and basketball television announcer Gus Johnson will be the play-by-play announcer for Saturday's UEFA Champions League final between Atlético Madrid and Real Madrid (2 pm ET, FOX) in the United States.

Johnson, who in 2013 was chosen by FOX to be groomed for World Cup duties when FOX takes over American broadcasting rights for the world's biggest sporting event in 2018, will be partnered again with former US national team and MLS legend Eric Wynalda.

The two have worked together on a regular basis during last summer's Gold Cup, the knockout phase of this year's UCL and this past Saturday's FA Cup final.

In an exclusive interview with over the weekend, Fox Sports president Eric Shanks intimated his pleasure at Johnson's imporvement as a soccer play-by-play announcer. He also revealed that he sees Johnson and Wynalda as a potential long-term duo working together.

After 15 months of experience somewhat regularly calling soccer games, how do you feel about Johnson as a soccer play-by-play announcer? To what extent has he improved, and has your initial opinon about him calling soccer games changed?

Furthermore, do you want to hear the duo — particularly Johnson — as FOX's voice of Major League Soccer when the network's new TV contract begins next year?