Panini sticker World Cup album
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ExtraTime Radio: Who deserves the Panini FIFA World Cup stickers and album? Cast your vote!

The guys at ExtraTime Radio are in the World Cup spirit, and that can only mean pasting hundreds of Panini stickers into a book in order to commemorate the tournament.

With that in mind, we're giving away a box of stickers and a sticker book to the one lucky fan who wrote the show with the most compelling e-mail. Simon and Andrew have narrowed the field to three, and now it's up to you to choose the most deserving fan.

Listen to the show or read the full emails below, and cast your vote in the poll to the right!


Parts Unknown

As a child growing up on the rough suburban streets of Beaverton, Ore., times were occasionally tough. My upper-middle-class upbringing and sensible parents meant that I didn't always get what I wanted.  

Every year, I remember looking forward to buying the Major League Baseball Panini sticker book. My best friend and I would tear through packs, trying to be the first to complete our collections, but there were always a few stickers missing. We would beg our parents to buy us a box of packs so we would be able to complete our collections. Unfortunately, our parents didn't want us growing up believing everything would be handed to us on a silver platter, so they never bought more than two packs at a time.  



I never was able to complete a collection...

Now the tables have turned, and I have become the sensible suburban parent. My oldest son, Benny, just turned five, and he started playing soccer last week. After listening to your podcast yesterday, I went to Target and bought him his first Panini World Cup Sticker Book, and two packs. He of course wants more, but I can't have him thinking that I'll just buy him whatever he wants. What kind of parent would that make me?  

That's where you come in.  

I can think of nothing more exciting to my child than receiving a gift from his uncle Simon to turn him into a lifetime sticker-collector. Gentlemen, I need your help. Won't someone think of Benny?



Orem, Utah

I REALLY deserve those Panini stickers! I instantly Googled them when you guys brought them up because I remember buying those in Mexico a few years ago when I lived there, and I didn't think they existed outside of Mexico. Oh boy was I wrong. BUT, they don't exist here in Utah.

I loved those stickers! It essentially was my only taste of the World Cup in 2010 because I was restricted in my viewing privileges. I was serving a two-year religious mission and we weren't permitted to watch or listen to media because our dedication to our work needed to be 100 percent. Believe me, not watching the World Cup was one of the hardest things I've done. So those stickers and album were EVERYTHING to me in regards to the World Cup.

Please give this guy a chance to relive the special memory of getting the most out of a Panini album. I honestly think it would mean more to me than anyone else.



Red Bull Arena section 132

I hope I'm the only one going back two years in order to win the Panini stickers. Two years ago, I sent in an e-mail saying Simon was brilliant. My friends heard this and gave me a five-game tailgate suspension. At the time, they thought I said he was "intelligent." After they reviewed the tapes again, they found out I called him "brilliant" and they increased the suspension to 10 games.

In my e-mail, I asked if you guys thought this was a fair suspension. Everyone except Simon felt it was fair. After two years, it's time to tell my friends and your colleagues that the 10-game suspension against me was wrong and award me the Panini stickers. If this reason is not good enough, my son is 10 years old and would love to collect these stickers.

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