PHOTOS: San Jose Earthquakes' new stadium nearing completion of steel-erecting process | SIDELINE

The last time we checked on construction progress at the site of the San Jose Earthquakes' brand new stadium was in early January, just a couple months of serious work into the project.

In the 75 days since then, the Earthquakes' new building has transformed from this, to everything you see below.

You can continue keeping up with the stadium construction process for yourself by following Quakes president Dave Kaval on Twitter, Vine and Tumblr.

The Quakes also announced on Monday a deal with Ruckus Wireless, a local wireless company, to provide free public Wi-Fi Internet access for everyone inside the stadium.

The construction crew is set to complete the steel construction part of the process on Thursday of this week, and the Quakes will celebrate the milestone by putting on a free BBQ for fans (RSVP), players, construction workers and front office staff on Friday.

Fans are also being asked to come out and sign the final beam Monday through Wednesday of this week before it goes up the next day.

Exciting times in Quakes land, indeed.

One of the most recognizable features of the Quakes' new stadium will be how steep the stands on each side of the stadium are — steeper than any other soccer-specific stadium currently in MLS, as evidenced by the schematics below.


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