Armchair Analyst: Scratch another one off the rumored DP list

"Wesley Sneijder to LA" was never really a rumor with legs, even if it made some sense. After all, Sneijder (like anyone with a brain) loves the LA weather. He also has a wife who's a model, and the two of them have taken in a handful of Galaxy games over the year. (The Galaxy, you may have heard, have a DP spot open.)

We kicked the idea around on March to the Match a month or so back, and all came to the same conclusion: Sneijder would be an amazing pick-up. He's still on the right side of 30, a starter for the Dutch national team, and as recently as 2010, you could argue pretty convincingly that he was one of the three best players in the world.

And all of that made him the longest of long shots to sign with MLS at this point. It's a frustrating reality that's just part of the league's inherent growth curve.

So it shouldn't be a surprise that Sneijder, who's been on the outs at Inter for about 18 months, found his next address in Europe as opposed to MLS.

So ... yeah. Hard to be disappointed about something that was never really going to happen. And I've always been more excited about the growth of the MLS Academy system than who the "next big DP signing" would be.

After all, it'll be nice when guys like Sneijder (and Beckham, Henry, etc) come over here at age 28 rather than age 31. But it'll be even nicer when we're building players like that ourselves.


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