ExtraTime Radio, January 9, 2012: Jesse Marsch, Martin Rennie, Jay Heaps (subsection)

ExtraTime Radio: Marsch, Rennie & Heaps on SuperDraft



Monday, Jan. 9

Is There a Draft In Here?

Greg, Simon, and Jason take ET Radio on the road to Ft. Lauderdale for the 2012 MLS Combine. With a view of the Atlantic Ocean, they are joined by the three most popular people in town: Montreal's Jesse Marsch, Vancouver's Martin Rennie, and New England's Jay Heaps. They hold the first, second, and third picks, respectively, in Thursday's SuperDraft, and the trade offers are coming in like the tide on the Florida coast. 

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Meet the ET team

Jason Saghini is a longtime MLS on-air personality and director of video for MLSsoccer.com. He previously worked in remote production on ESPN2's MLS and US national team broadcasts. His life's dream is to see Motley Crue play halftime of an MLS Cup. Simon Borg is a content producer and on-air analyst for MLSsoccer.com, and the regular creator of the "Kick Off" every weekday on MLSsoccer.com. He splits his time between his family and reading obscure Ukranian and Italian soccer reports at 4 am, and consequently has not slept for more than five consecutive hours since 2006.
Nick Firchau is the host of ExtraTime Radio and a new media editor at MLSsoccer.com. He previously covered the Chicago Fire for the Chicago Sun-Times. He often wonders why more professional athletes don't demand an "orange slices at halftime" clause in their contracts. Greg Lalas is the editor in chief of MLSsoccer.com and a co-founder of the Kicking & Screening Soccer Film Festival. He played for the Tampa Bay Mutiny (RIP) and the New England Revolution. Well, "played" is maybe being a little kind. But he did train a lot.

ET producer Dan Haiek works as a video editor for MLSsoccer.com. When he's not filming and editing interviews and behind-the-scenes looks at MLS, he likes to curl up with a Nicholas Sparks novel and a glass of chardonnay.

ET co-producer Carlos Rodriguez, a.k.a. "Carlos in the Booth," is a video editor for MLSsoccer.com. When not turning dials and rolling his eyes at Simon's commentary, he enjoys cursing out anyone who insults his beloved Arsenal FC.