Joe-Max Moore

A letter of appreciation to the fans

After a great deal of thought and careful consideration, I have decided to announce my retirement from professional soccer.

After numerous attempts to strengthen and stabilize my knee through rehab, it became clear that I had no alternative but to have reconstructive surgery. Considering my age and the recovery time necessary, I have decided to end my playing career.

Although I am saddened, I move forward with peace of mind, knowing that I gave everything as a player and that every attempt was made to return to the field.

I would like to express my gratitude to Major League Soccer for allowing me to play professionally in this country and to the New England Revolution, the Kraft family, and the New England fans for their never ending support.

I would also like to thank the following: the United States Soccer Federation for giving me the honor of representing my country and allowing me to see the world along the way, all the players and coaches who helped me develop as a player and person, all the fans who have supported both myself and the game of soccer, and finally, to my incredible family for showing their support through the years.

I feel fortunate to have had these experiences and look forward to the new challenges ahead.

Thanks for your support,

Joe-Max Moore