Clarence Goodson

Goodson young, but still a leader had the chance to sit down with FC Dallas defender Clarence Goodson about his leadership skills, his friends on the team and his MVP performance thus far during the team's "Survivor-Apprentice" competition. You have been a very steady player for the team at center back during the scrimmages you have appeared in. How much are you looking forward to this season?

Clarence Goodson: "I'm looking forward to this season more than any other season I have ever been apart of. I see the season as a huge opportunity for me to step in and be a big part of the team. I look to help the team move forward and accomplish all of our goals we have set this spring." You only appeared in a handful of matches last season. How did last year's training and being around the team benefit you?

Goodson: "I think it helped me understand the way things are on the professional level and how the team operates. It showed me what others have done and what I need to do in order to move forward and step into a bigger role on this team. I have used all of that knowledge to come into preseason and do all the little things right." There have been some who have said that you have the character that could make you the future captain on this team down the line. What are your thoughts on that?

Goodson: "Well, first of all, that's great to hear and it's the first time I have heard it. In my mind, that's definitely an eventual goal for me in the distant future. However, right now I am still trying to work my way onto this team and will concentrate on what I can bring to the squad this year. It's good to hear, but that's off in the future." Who are the other players on the team that you enjoy hanging out with?

Goodson: "I enjoy basically all the guys on this team. Ronnie O'Brien and I lived close to one another last year so we got to know each other. Since I'm a young guy myself, the other younger guys are the people I'm usually seen with. Wags (David Wagenfuhr), Phil (Philip Salyer), Ty (Maurin), and the guys I came in with are pretty tight and we have a really good bond." During the grueling "Survivor-Apprentice" challenges, you have shined liked no other. What is your strategy to win this whole thing?

Goodson: "I don't know that I have too much strategy in this thing. I'm just trying to do well in the events and help my team out. Hopefully, my teammates and the coaches will respect that and will want to keep me around." You have carried your team in the competition thus far; is your back getting sore for so many of them piling on it?

Goodson: "No way, I haven't carried them at all. They helped me out when I was dragging my feet. It's a team event and on our team we've put each other first and that's why we've been doing so well right now." There are several new faces on the team this year. What do you think of all the changes from last year to this year?

Goodson: "I believe that the coaching staff and front office have done an excellent job of bringing in new players to strengthen this team. They have given us the best possible chance to move forward and hopefully, in the end, win the whole thing."

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