Galaxy 2, Burn 0 -- quote sheet

on a set play. I thought the fight out of my boys tonight was first class and we thought we worked very, very hard for 90 minutes and we were unfortunate not to get a point."

On what the team needs to prepare for San Jose next week:
"We need to do the same things we've been doing all season. We need to get better offensively; we haven't scored enough goals recently and we need to stop giving up easy goals and make the other team earn them some more."


On the match:
"It was an even game between the two teams. In the first half, we were very well disciplined and we controlled the majority of the play. In the second half, we wasted the few chances that we had we let them decide them in the end."

On next week's game against the Quakes:
"We have all to play for at home. We hope to win at home -- that will give us our ticket to the playoffs."


On the match:
"I thought we had our chances. We had two set pieces that we did not do too well on. They got a lot of height on that corner and got someone to the near post -- that's a dangerous ball. We have to do better than that. Now there's one game left for us and that will determine our fate."

On next week's game:
"We owe San Jose one after we went in there last time and they beat us pretty good ... we'll be up for this game and I think it will be a great one."