Crew 2, Revolution 2 – quote sheet

we did have a dodgy five, 10 minutes where we hadn't got our heads in it -- but then we got back into it with the penalty and then losing the second one and getting the other one straight away helped as well."

On the team's play in the second half:
"I thought the second half we were pretty solid. Everybody's on about us wanting to get forward in the game and win the game but we don't want to do that and expose ourselves for the counterattack which is all they were trying to do second half. I don't really remember a gilt-edged chance they had except for a good ball in from a corner. We had some pressure. We didn't create particularly well in the second half for the amount of ball we had. It's another point, and we move on to the next one."

On getting just one point at home:
"Of course we want three points. We set out to try and win the three points with the changes we made in the second half, we wanted to do try to get further forward and create some chances. In flashes it maybe worked, but overall it didn't particularly work great. The fact is we did try and go forward, we did try to win the game but we wanted be solid and not give up a silly goal at the end."


On his goal:
"We gave up a tough one two minutes before the break. We came right down and got the foul and Pepe (José Cancela) serves in a great ball. I saw that there was nobody at the near post and got a head on it."

On the first half:
"I thought in the first half the speed of the game was playoff atmosphere. Both teams obviously knew the importance of the game and it was up and down, back and forth and we created a lot of good chances. Really their goal came off of a mistake - we all know what happened - but we move on from there, we get a goal back, Taylor (Twellman) makes a great run for the PK, and obviously Rollie (Steve Ralston) finishes it. But to give up a goal before the break is tough. We have to find a way to fight for those last couple of minutes just to get into the break and refocus and concentrate on what we need to do in the second half."


On what the Revs could have done better in the second half:
"I think we just have to move the ball a little faster. That killed us in the second half. We didn't get me and Pepe (José Cancela) involved or the wide guys involved like we did in the first half. I think that has to be our biggest adjustment. Just moving the ball faster and getting more opportunities for Taylor (Twellman) and Pat (Noonan) to score."

On the tight race in the Eastern Conference:
"I think it's really gritty in the East. Everybody knows how important the games are and no one wants to lose, no one wants to give up three points."


On the game:
"It's a tie. Scoring two goals in the first half was good, giving up two was not, especially the way we gave up the one at the end of the half. The way we gave up the goals today was disappointing. I thought we bounced back well in the second half. New England gave us some space today and sat back and waited for their counterattack, which got them their first goal."

On 17-year-old Danny Szetela's debut:
"He was available for us today and injuries did dictate a couple of substitutes for us. It was a good environment for him to play in - on the road, tied 2-2 - he did well. I don't think he had time (to get nervous). He had to sprint to get to the bench, had to get instructions and went in. He's only 17 but he's played in some pretty big games."


On his first professional game:
"I didn't want to try and do too much or do anything that I can't do. I wanted to pass the ball and work hard. The game is fast, and I got my first foul. It felt good to get out there and got a lot of pressure off my back. Hopefully I can continue to work hard and get more time."


On his goal:
"Simon (Elliott) played a high ball into the box and I was able to get a head on it and head it into the corner."

On partnering up front again with Kyle Martino:
"I have played with Kyle for a while now. It's pretty much second nature."

On giving up the goal at the end of the first half:
"At that stage of the game you just move forward. Hopefully we have learned our lesson and can eliminate those types of goals. I am glad it happened now and not in the playoffs."