Brown adjusting to life by the Bay

In just your second game with the Quakes this year, you scored a goal and notched an assist in the match against the MetroStars on May 8. Has it been frustrating to have such a great start with your new club and then to get sidelined from an injury?

Yes, it's been frustrating, but the same thing happened when I was with New England. I had a good start, but then I broke my foot. So I've been through this before. You just have to wait the injury out, and then you can get back out there and play for your team.

On August 8, 2003 you were traded from KC to New England in the middle of the season, and then traded again this year on April 8 to the Earthquakes. Has the transition between teams and cities made it hard to settle down with the Quakes?

Getting moved around is tough. But over time you start feeling more settled and a part of the team. Moving to the Earthquakes was actually a plus for me because all of my family is out here on the West Coast, so having them around makes the transition a lot easier. But even though I've only played in three games with the Earthquakes, I already feel comfortable on the field with the other players.

In 2002 you appeared in every game with Kansas City, so is it tough sitting on the bench unable to play?

It's definitely tough not being able to play. You want to get out there and help your team. But you need to understand your role on the team. So even if I can't play right now, I don't mind watching from the bench as long as my teammates are playing well out there. I can still support them from the sidelines, and hopefully even come on and play as a substitute.

How are you enjoying San Jose off the field?

San Jose's treating me great. You can't beat the weather. And all of my family is out here on the West Coast, so it's great having them close by. It's a fun place to be.