Nima Saghafi - 2020 - close up

Chris Wondolowski added to his legend with a 97th-minute equalizing goal to take the San Jose Earthquakes to extratime in their Round One Audi 2020 MLS Cup Playoffs game at Sporting Kansas City on Sunday. 

Sporting eventually won after a penalty shootout but questions were raised about Wondolowski's goal given it came after the four minutes of stoppage time indicated by referee Nima Saghafi had passed. However, during stoppage time there had been a goal, and celebration, for SKC as well as two substitutions.

PRO has the full explanation for the amount of time played:

"The time allowed for stoppages at the end of normal time was indicated as a minimum of four minutes. However, during the playing of time allowed for stoppages, additional time was lost, including at the scoring of the third Sporting Kansas City goal and for the substitution of two players, resulting in stoppage of well over two minutes.

As such, this additional lost time was added to the minimum 4 minutes initially indicated.