Ex-Galaxy midfielder Steven Gerrard returns to Liverpool as academy coach

Steven Gerrard - LA Galaxy - May 8, 2016

Former LA Galaxy star Steven Gerrard is back with Liverpool FC, joining the acadamy of the club where he spent all 17 years of his Premier League career before moving to MLS in mid-2015.

Liverpool said Gerrard will be a full-time coach at the youth complex in Kirkby, starting in February.

"It feels like completing the circle; returning to the place where professionally it all began," said Gerrard, who left the Galaxy after this past season. "However, this isn't a decision based on emotion - it's about what I can offer and contribute to Liverpool.

"I don't think I need to explain to people what this football club means to me, but when I knew coming back was a serious option I wanted to make sure it was a substantive role and a role in which I could really help the organization."

Academy director Alex Inglethorpe said Gerrard was a natural fit for the job.

"I don't think it would surprise anyone to know that Steven has had a host of great options, in terms of what to do next in his career, including playing, management and coaching," Inglethorpe said. "But it's been evident from the first meeting with him that his heart and head belongs here.

"He has shown great humility in making it clear from the outset he wants a role where he can contribute to Liverpool; it's typical of him that his priority has been defining the role so it helps the club, ahead of himself."