Discuss: Which player is the most creative in MLS?

Welcome to another edition of "Discuss," in which editors debate the topics of the moment in MLS. This time around, we ask: Which player is the most creative right now in MLS?

Senior Editors Arielle CastilloAndrew Wiebe and Nicholas Rosano, Senior Writer Matthew Doyle, New Media Editor Benjamin Baer and Contributor Alicia Rodriguez give their takes on the player dazzling the league with creativity.

Castillo: Barnes an underrated maestro

He’s maybe not the most creative player, but Giles Barnes one of the most underrated. In his short tenure so far with Orlando City, he’s proven he can serve up ample distribution when the big guns (ok, Kaká) are away, as well as serve up goals from distance. Not bad.

Wiebe: Super Mauro brings creativity boost

You might have noticed there’s a pep in your step this week that wasn’t there before. For the first time since last fall, the MLS universe is aligned, and everything just feels … right. Mauro Diaz, FC Dallas’ magic unicorn and the most creative player in MLS, is back from injury and soon perfectly weighted through balls, delicate chips and on-ball trickery will fall like manna from soccer heaven.

Baer: Dempsey the best at trying 'stuff'

Look, his actual chance creation numbers aren’t all that high, but Deuce is a must-watch for all the different types of moves he tries.

Rosano: Atomic Ant is obvious choice

This feels like an easy out, but how can it not be Sebastian Giovinco? The Atomic Ant finds ways to score that most players can only dream of, and though he doesn’t quite match the chance creation volume of some of the league’s purer playmakers, no one has created more big chances than Giovinco since he entered the league in 2015.

Rodriguez: It's definitely Giovinco

I considered the Argentine trio of Mauro Diaz, Diego Valeri and Ignacio Piatti, but when push comes to shove the only choice in my mind is Giovinco. He combines the ability to actually create and score goals with "Did you just see that?!" moments at a volume that possibly no other player has ever managed. I look forward to the jaw-dropping moments sure to come from the Italian.

Doyle: Andrew Carleton is the truth

Don't @ me.