MLS Season Pass FAQ for Season Ticket Holders

Below are answers to questions about MLS Season Pass subscriptions provided as a benefit to MLS season ticket accounts.

How will I receive my MLS Season Pass?

The Full-Season Ticket Account Owner will receive their MLS Season Pass and redemption instructions via email from their Club on or around February 1, 2023. If you have not received your MLS Season Pass, please contact your Club Representative.

What does my MLS Season Pass grant me access to, and for how long?

Your MLS Season Pass gives you access until January 31, 2024. For full details about MLS Season Pass, please visit:

Can my MLS Season Pass be resent to me via email?

Yes, your Club can re-send your MLS Season Pass via email. Please contact your Club Representative directly for further details.

How many MLS Season Pass subscriptions will each full-season ticket account receive?

One MLS Season Pass subscription per paid Full-Season Ticket Account, regardless of the total number of full season tickets on the account. Only the Full-Season Ticket Account Owner can receive this benefit as verified through the account holder’s name, mailing address, email address, and payment information attributable to the account owner.

Can I share my MLS Season Pass subscription with family members?

Yes, you can share your MLS Season Pass subscription with up to 5 family members by setting up Family Sharing on your Apple device. To set up Family Sharing, please visit Any additional subscriptions to

MLS Season Pass outside of your Full-Season Ticket Account may be purchased by non-subscribers through the Apple TV app

Can I redeem my MLS Season Pass if I don't have an Apple device?

Yes, your MLS Season Pass can be redeemed on non-Apple devices via a web browser. You will need to have an active Apple ID in order to redeem. To create a free Apple ID, please visit

I receive an error when I try to redeem my MLS Season Pass.

Please contact your Club Representative.

I bought a MLS Season Pass through Apple and then was unable to redeem the MLS Season Pass my Club sent me. Can I receive a refund?

Please contact AppleCare directly by visiting

I redeemed my MLS Season Pass, but I am experiencing issues watching MLS content.

For questions about the MLS Season Pass viewing experience, please visit

Is Apple TV+ included as part of my MLS Season Pass?

Apple TV+ is not included in your MLS Season Pass.

Does the email address associated with my Apple ID need to be the same email address attributed to my Full-Season Ticket Account?

No, your Apple ID email does not need to be the same as the email attributed to your Full-Season Ticket Account. You will need to have an active Apple ID in order to redeem your MLS Season Pass. To create a free Apple ID, please visit