Mark Geiger - awards South Korea goal

PRO referee Mark Geiger selected for Colombia-England Round of 16 clash

The MLS-based refereeing crew led by Mark Geiger has received its third assignment of the 2018 World Cup and it's a big one. Geiger and Co. will be handling the Colombia-England Round of 16 match in Moscow on Tuesday.

Geiger will be the man in the middle, flanked by assistant referees Joe Fletcher (Canada) and Frank Anderson (USA) with a Kiwi as fourth official and VAR. Geiger, Fletcher and Anderson’s first game was a contentious, ill-tempered Group B clash between Portugal and Morocco on June 20 and their second was the shock win by South Korea over Germany, eliminating the World Cup champs from the tournament. Geiger awarded South Korea the game-winner in the 93rd minute after VAR showed the Korean goalscorer was not offside, which was originally the call.

Colombia will be looking to advance to the quarterfinals in back-to-back World Cups while England has failed to reach that stage in each of the last two tournaments.