2017 MLS supporters' group field guide: Portland Timbers

Photo illustration by Anthony Mendolia

Timbers Army

Habitat: They can be found congregating in small groups at various bars and restaurants surrounding Providence Park in the northwest section of downtown Portland, especially prevalent on Saturdays, Sundays and sometimes midweek, usually flocking together at dusk.

Approximately two hours before Timbers kickoff, the small groups merge together in the north section of Providence Park, known as the Woodshed. Sections 101-108 and 201-208 are where the finest examples of this species can be observed.
Visual Identification: The adult in winter and early spring months can be commonly observed in flannel, wool sweaters and worn denim jackets. Frequently plumage will include homemade patches, pins and other adornments.

The adult in summer months will continue to adorn themselves in flannel and denim, lighter in weight, sleeves often cut by the adult at various lengths. Tattoos, piercings and Timbers scarves are prevalent no matter the season.

Defining Characteristics: Timbers Army consists of a large swath of Portlanders, spanning genders and professions, including both natives and transplants. A particular vocal subsection are longtime Timbers Army members who often call out to no one in particular: “I’ve been sitting in the north end since 2000, man.”

One common distinction is they are often in their 20s or 30s, but the age can range decades in either direction. A love of rain, IPAs, Caleb Porter and Darlington Nagbe exists with nearly 100 percent of the group.

Songs and Calls: Timbers Army members are among the most vocal of North American soccer supporters, never ceasing to stop chanting before and after each match. The call can vary, from the frequently used “Portland boys, we are here,” to “You are my sunshine,” always sung at the 80th minute. There are upwards of 20 identifiable calls!