2017 MLS supporters' group field guide: New England Revolution

Photo illustration by Anthony Mendolia

The Midnight Riders

Habitat: All Revolution supporters’ groups sit in the Fort – sections 141, 142 and 143, behind the goal at the north end of Gillette Stadium. The Riders' tailgate occurs adjacent to lot 4C at Patriot Place.  

Visual Identification: Old-school Revs gear, a pair of adidas, and a no-nonsense attitude when it comes to the club that they’ve stood behind since Day One.

Defining Characteristics: Founded in 1995, in anticipation of the Revs' first season, the Riders are the longest-tenured supporters’ group in New England.

Songs and Calls: Since all supporters' groups sit together, all songs and chants are generally performed in unison, but these folks love "From the Halls of Foxboro Stadium."

La Barra Revolution Latina

Habitat: The Fort

Visual Identification: Flags worn as capes, bandanas, and the occasional instrument strapped to the body

Defining Characteristics: They're a group dedicated to building up the Revs in the Hispanic community while providing the passion and flair from Central and South American-style support.

Songs and Calls: All the other supporters' group chants, especially "Mamma Mamma"

The Rebellion

Habitat: The Fort, with a tailgate adjacent to lot 4C at Patriot Place 

Visual Identification: The latest kits or fashionable T-shirts that show off their pride for their club, paired up well with a Rebellion scarf or bandana that ties the look together

Defining Characteristics: The baby of the bunch, having only been founded in 2009, the group is filled with fresh, young faces that are filled with enthusiasm for "defending the Fort."

Songs and Calls: All of the other groups' chants, along with "N.E.T.I.D."

Rev Army

Habitat: The Fort, along with a separate tailgate away from the rest – at the Red Fox Motel, located a mile south of the stadium, on Route 1

Visual Identification: Colorful hair styles or a pork pie hat are not uncommon among the flock.

Defining Characteristics: The Army is the most punk rock faction of the groups, having many members who are in local bands and boasting a tailgate with “no country, no Dave Matthews, no jam bands.”

Songs and Calls: All the other supporters' group chants, along with "Another Revs Goal Scored"