Donald Trump wants to buy a Colombian soccer club: No, seriously | SIDELINE

Donald Trump has been in the news this summer for some controversial comments about immigrants, particularly, from Mexico and the rest of Latin America.

But a media report out of Colombia contends that the outspoken businessman and U.S. presidential hopeful -- who played a bit of soccer as a young man -- is a prominent part of a group seeking to buy powerhouse Colombian club Atlético Nacional.

The New York-based billionaire is supposedly ready to partner with Italian real-estate mogul Alessandro Proto – who last year claimed to be the inspiration behind the star character of the steamy film 50 Shades of Grey – to take control of the celebrated Medellín-based club. Nacional have won 14 Colombian championships and a Copa Libertadores title, and over the years has been home to iconic stars including former New York Red Bull star Juan Pablo Ángel. Their manager for the past three years has been former Red Bulls and Chicago Fire head coach Juan Carlos Osorio, who is now managing Brazilian giants Sao Paulo.

Why would a tycoon who made denigrating remarks about immigrants from Mexico and other Latin American countries want to get involved in a pro soccer team in South America?

Much the same reasons as anyone else invests in the beautiful game, it seems.

“Because in the assessments we have been doing for several teams, we thought Nacional was the best,” an unnamed spokesman told El País, claiming that the group has planning their bid for months and plans to plow funds into the club's current squad if their acquisition is successful.

“We are awaiting a response from the owners of Nacional and based on that, we will see what to do, how to proceed.”

Colombian and North American observers alike can be forgiven for wondering why Trump, who currently leads the polls in the early stages of the Republican Party's crowded race to succeed President Barack Obama, wasn't more interested in Nacional's domestic rivals Millionarios.