VIDEO: DC United players feed blindfolded teammates doughnuts, to guess the flavor | SIDELINE

In the above video, you can watch D.C. United teammates Steve Birnbaum and Chris Pontius, and Chris Rolfe and Conor Doyle take turns feeding their blindfolded partner bits of doughnuts from District Doughnut.

Each player is blindly fed three different doughnuts and tasked with guessing the flavor of each. Sounds pretty straightforward and honestly quite simple, except doughnuts probably aren't a staple of the professional soccer player's daily diet, so maybe it's been years since these guys have chowed on doughnuts.

Rookie of the Year candidate Birnbaum also lets out a massive secret, one that defies and crosses the wires connecting his five bodily senses to his brain: He knows what yellow tastes like.

Yes, we were as shocked as you to find out that Birnbaum can taste colors. Maybe it's a pro soccer player thing and certain MLS players can taste certain colors. We must get to the bottom of this.

Starting today, all current and future MLS teams should coordinate and take turns producing a daily or weekly video series where blindfolded teammates feed one another random local foods and tell us what colors they taste.