VIDEO: US President Barack Obama kicks ball with soccer-playing robot | SIDELINE

That is United States President Barack Obama kicking a soccer ball with ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative MObility), a Japanese robot designed and developed by Japanese carmaker Honda.

And it is one of the most frightening things I have ever seen. Look at the way that thing walks and runs and backpedals just like a real human. Are we sure there's not actually a mini human inside the suit?

I've seen the movies where a robot's programming goes bad, then it and its robot friends take over and destroy the world. That time is now. Just look at the face of President Obama, he knows it. He knows it's too late and there's nothing he can do about it.

Or, perhaps the President was just really ashamed of that poor first touch that he took — of a ball kicked by a robot, let us not forget — right off of his standing leg.

Either way, ASIMO scares me to death. Please keep him her it away from the World Cup this summer.


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