MLS Fantasy 101: Breaking down how the Fantasy Soccer Manager scoring system works

Now that you've created your MLS Fantasy Soccer Manager team and joined a league, you're probably wondering: How does it all work? 

Good question.

Fantasy soccer is, at its core, a game of statistics. Each round, players earn fantasy points based on their real-life performances. Not only individual performances, but also team performances.

Like in actual matches, the point system celebrates and rewards both attacking and defensive performances. It also penalizes players for being naughty or performing poorly on the defensive side of the ball.

Wondering what your players will get if they perform on matchday? Check out the tables below:

Action Points
For playing in a game 1
For playing at least 60 minutes in a game (includes playing point mentioned above) 2
For each goal scored by your goalkeeper or defenders 6
For each goal scored by your midfielders or forwards 5
For each assist * 3
For your goalkeeper conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 4
For your defenders conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 4
For your midfielders conceding 0 goals (must also play at least 60 minutes) 1
For every penalty miss -2
For every penalty save 5
For every penalty earned 2
For each own goal -2
For each own goal assist 1
For every 2 goals conceded by your goalkeeper or defenders -1
For every yellow card -1
For every red card (includes any yellow card points) ** -3
For every 3 saves 1

Assists *

Assists are awarded when a pass or cross leads to a goal scored (no defender touch can interfere with the pass). One change from 2013: Secondary assists are now rewarded the same points as regular assists.

Live-­scoring assist totals are provisional and will be reviewed within 24 hours of the match.

Red Cards **

If a player receives a red card during a match, he will continue to be penalized for goals conceded by his team. Points deductions for red cards include any points deducted for yellow cards.

Attacking Bonus

Players will score extra points for positive play:

1 point for every 3 crosses (A cross is defined as when the ball is played to their own player in the penalty area)
1 point for every 3 key passes (A key pass is one that leads to a shot at goal)
1 point for every big chance created (A big chance is one in which the Opta analyst determines the player should score)

Defending Bonus

Players will also score extra points for good defending:

1 point for every 6 clearances, blocks or interceptions
1 point for every 6 recovered balls
-1 point for every error leading to a goal

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