MLS Fantasy Manager returns for 2014 season with new and improved features, $10,000 in prizes

It's back, and it's better than ever.

With 31 days left until Major League Soccer kicks off its 19th season, MLS Fantasy Manager has returned with new and improved features and gameplay as well as a bump in prizes.

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More than $10,000 in prizes

You didn't think you were playing just for pride, did you?

In 2014, MLS Fantasy Manager has upped the ante, rewarding the game's best players with prizes befitting their managerial brilliance.

Like the latest in electronic gadetry? We've got that. Prefer cold, hard cash? There's plenty of that, too. The grand prize is a pretty hefty haul -- $1,000 is just the opening salvo -- but there's plenty more to go around.

Check out the full breakdown of MLS Fantasy Manager prizes

New and improved gameplay

Want to emulate your favorite MLS manager? Build a squad capable of tiki-taka like Caleb Porter? Mold a title-winning team of steel a la Peter Vermes?

Well, we've given you the cap and roster space to do it in 2014. Just like all 19 MLS managers, you'll have an 18-man roster to piece together each week and $120 million to do it with.

The substitution rules have also been loosened, with changes permitted at any time as long as the players in question haven't already played during that round. Scoring has been tweaked slightly as well.

See what's changed in MLS Fantasy Manager for 2014

Build your team now!

You've read about it, now it's time to take off the gloves and play.

Step one? Build your squad from scratch. Don't worry, though. Our FSM expert, Ben Jata, has already gone through the process, providing a primer you can use to get your team off the ground.

Step two? Get the fantasy chatter started. In 2014, we'd love our managers to be more connected, so we're giving you a forum to discuss the game, your team and, of course, talk trash.

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