VIDEO: All the superb, crazy, dramatic highlight & fan reaction videos from MLS Cup 2013 | SIDELINE

The Internet has been overloaded this week with epic (of the non-rights-violating kind) videos commemorating Sporting Kansas City's victory in last weekend's MLS Cup final.

They're all filled with slow-motion highlights of the game's most important moments, dramatic music that screams out, "This is super epic, dramatic stuff that's going down right now," and shots of pandemonium in the stands when the final penalty kick struck the crossbar and came back out.

The creative folks at, Sporting KC and KICKTV went above and beyond with the below three (and above one) video packages.

And you will want to watch all of them, if you haven't already. Especially if you are a Sporting KC supporter.

Up top, it's's "On the Edge of Glory," slow-motion awesomeness. Down below, it's another Jimmy Conrad special, in which everyone's favorite faux journalist extraordinaire covers the game in a way only Jimmy can, and delivers a heartfelt message to his former club and city following the penalty shootout.

Up next, it's the champions coming in strong with a highlight package of their entire run through the 2013 MLS Cup playoffs, culminating with last Saturday's Cup victory at Sporting Park.

And finally, some love for the fans. Field level highlights are cool and dramatic and all of that stuff, but every single on of the 21,650 in attendance last Saturday will have their memories of that day from their seat inside the stadium. These are a few of those moments from their vantage points.