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Ranking the best-looking league trophies in the soccer world: MLS Cup may be No. 1 | SIDELINE

When the MLS Eastern and Western Conference champions line up to face one another for the 2013 MLS Cup title on December 7, they will arguably be battling it out for one of the sharpest league championship trophies in all of world soccer.

We're not just making things up.

In fact, went on the hunt for images of championship trophies from the top leagues around the world and here's our ranking.

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1. MLS Cup (USA & Canada)
If you're a fan of ears on trophies, MLS Cup is going to be one of the few you'll find on this list. They're the defining feature of the North American championship.


2. LIGA MX (Mexico)

If MLS Cup is the UEFA Champions League trophy's younger brother, the Liga MX has the offspring of FIFA's youth world cups. The embossed team logos on the base help it shoot up these rankings. Other trophies can steal that idea.


3. SERIE A (Italy)
In a world of silver and platinum soccer trophies, thumbs up for the reflecting gold they use in Italy. Also, this cup actually invites you to celebrate with a drink.


In England, they own the whole royal thematic. Heck, even the lions are wearing crowns.


5. LIGA ZON SAGRES (Portugal)
The dull matte finish takes away from a trophy that had good potential. Mid-table trophy ranking for a mid-table league.


You think they overdo it in Argentina with the ads on the jerseys? Well, somehow a truck maker (Iveco) found its way on the chain-link trophy. Spoils an otherwise unique look.


7. BUNDESLIGA (Germany)
Yes, it's just a plate. But it took someone a lot of time to engrave all those words we can't make out. That touch of hand-made craftwork makes it the best of the plates (shields). But what happens when they run out of room for names?


8. EREDIVISIE (Netherlands)
The country that invented Total Football is clearly at a total loss when it comes to creating something special for their champions. Pick it up at your nearest Crate & Barrel.


9. LIGUE 1 (France)
They couldn't make up their minds in France. So what do you get when you mix a traditional standing trophy with a plate? It's the Ligue 1 title with enough shapes and designs to make your eyes hurt.


10. LA LIGA (Spain)
The closest to a major wooden trophy. There's nearly as much tree (in the base) as there is precious metal on this one. Like something you can get from your neighborhood trophy store.


11. BRASILEIRÃO (Brazil)
Apparently, Brazilians pour all their creativity inside the lines when it comes to soccer, because this league championship trophy is boringly hideous.


Surprised we haven't read about more trophy horror stories involving the Russian Premier League silverware. Better yet, glassware. Handle with care.