March to the Match Podcast: Who'll win Supporters' Shield? Portland-Real Salt Lake is the first domino



Wednesday, October 16

Match of the Year?

All 10 matches in Week 34 of MLS play have huge playoff significance. But only one will set the dominoes falling toward who will win the Supporters' Shield: Portland vs. Real Salt Lake. It's our "Marquee Matchup" this week and may be the best game you'll watch this year. Plus, madness in CONCACAF! How on earth did the USMNT shatter Panama's dreams ... and throw a life preserve to Mexico, of all teams? And what's behind Jurgen Klinsmann's turnaround masterpiece in his two-and-a-half years in charge?

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Meet the MttM team

Matt Doyle is an editor at and pens the popular Armchair Analyst column. He enjoys a good glass of scotch, the Pixies blasted at 11, intelligent Twitter conversations with lunatic supporters groups and long walks on the beach. He takes accusations of "curmudgeon" as high praise.

Matt Tomaszewicz, a.k.a. "The Shin Guardian," works in tech and has an unhealthy obssession with the Beautiful Game. He's currently teaching his 2-year-old daughter how to beat the offside trap. When he's not seeking out venture capital, he's on the hunt for San Francisco's perfect cup of coffee.

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