Wembley Stadium set to host NFL games

The Super Bowl at the soccer mecca of London? Wembley Stadium wants it | SIDELINE

Chalk it up to the globalization of sports.

A year back they were talking about playing English Premier League matches on US soil. Now there are reports of the Super Bowl heading to the soccer mecca that is Wembley Stadium.

The facility's managing director, Roger Devlin, told media on Monday that he thinks the National Football League is "progressive" enough to consider hosting its championship game on foreign soil. Wembley has already hosted NFL games and there's another one scheduled for this Sunday.

"Long-term, I think they might consider it, but it's a hell of a call," Devlin said about the prospect of Wembley hosting a Super Bowl. “If they would bring it anywhere in the world, I’d want it here at Wembley."

Even before a Super Bowl, a more likely scenario is that the soccer shrine becomes home to a London-based NFL team. Think it's so far-fetched? Well, NFL senior VP of international, Chris Parsons, believes that a team in London is "clearly an option."

So where does the globalization craze take us next? Should MLS also be hosting an annual event on foreign soil? Would you travel to watch your favorite MLS team play a match in London or somewhere else in Europe?

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