EA Sports FIFA 14 details are out and MLSsoccer.com staffers give their reviews

The gamers are buzzing.

Earlier on Wednesday, EA Sports revealed the newest features of the upcoming edition of FIFA 14, including: Pure Shot, Protect The Ball, Real Ball Physics, Teammate Intelligence and Global Scouting Network.

Here's what our EA Sports FIFA experts declared to be the best of the new features:

Jason Saghini, MLSsoccer.com Director of Video

"I'm really excited for the Global Scouting Network. I love playing in career mode, finding and developing talent on the international market that can improve my team. I look forward to seeing what they've included in this new feature." 

Josh Whisenhunt, MLS Insider

"Definitely I'm most looking forward to the Real Ball Physics that will be unveiled in 2014. As someone who can make the ball do whatever I want in real life, I often try to replicate these advanced maneuvers in my FIFA gameplay. Until now, I've had very little luck. This is a game-changer."

Albert Lanzillo, MLSsoccer.com Producer/Editor

"I'm looking forward to the new Protect The Ball feature. In the past you could shield the ball at your feet, but only when standing still. Now you can shield players off the ball while running at speed. This will be a great way to help avoid conceding corners. Rather than having players run down balls for possession, this should provide a more realistic way for players to handle a moving ball.

WATCH: EA Sports Real Ball Physics

"In the future I hope they include more National Teams, allow you to create your own celebration, and also to build your own team and design your own kits."

Abner Aceves, MLSsoccer.com Producer/Editor

"I actually love the new 2nd chance tackles system (Teammate Intelligence), I always over-commit when playing against people and with the ability to be able to recover better from those, it makes the game more real in my opinion.

"And I would be interested in seeing female players included in the game in future releases -- national teams or NWSL teams. Even if it's in the form of a downloadable update, I think it would help grow NWSL and the women's game in general."

Matt Folger, MLSsoccer.com Social Media Coordinator

"Better Teammate Intelligence is always something that people look forward to each year. Nothing is more frustrating than your virtual teammates making unrealistic runs away from space or into unnecessary offside positions.

"It's impossible to get artificial intelligence in video games completely correct, but each year they do a good job of fixing problems from the previous game and improving how your teammates interact with your movements."

Anders Kapur, MLSsoccer.com Video Intern

"I'm all about great-looking goals, so the feature that I'm most excited about is Pure Shot and the improved Real Ball Physics. It should allow for some really smooth-looking animations.

"On the other hand, I'm disappointed EA hasn't announced any plans to make the manager mode experience more realistic, especially when managing MLS teams. I'd like to see them implement at least the salary cap and designated player rules. I shouldn't be able to sign Messi to Chivas USA."


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