United 1, FC Dallas 1 -- quote sheet



On Josh Gros' called-back goal:
"I think from my perspective there was another player on the post, but maybe I'm wrong. The linesman said Josh was standing there the whole time, so that's why they called it."

On the game:
"It was a tough game, as we expected it was going to be. We did everything right, we scored a goal, we had a couple of more chances, and we gave up that goal. The second half was much, much better. We were really taking charge -- dominating the whole field, just the last times I think the concentration in the last moments fell. Esky [Alecko Eskandarian] had the two breakaways, but he was supposed to finish one of them. Like I said, it was a tight game; there was a good fight from both teams."

On the decision to substitute Eskandarian:
"In the moment we have a lot of links with Josh moving forward and Freddy [Adu] and I think the link that was missing was inside. That's why I decided to use [Lucio] Filomeno inside so he can finish chances from the wing. He got his chance and his shot went out. Like I said, I'm happy that they really picked up the tempo and rhythm in the second half."


On Josh Gros being called offside:
"I didn't really see it, but I guess he was offside. It was unfortunate, because we were knocking on the doorstep the entire second half."


On being called offside:
"I obviously disagree. You know, I don't know what to say. I went over to him and he explained to me because I was with the goalie and that was it. I think I was on, but that's my opinion - I haven't seen it."


On scoring his goal with his left foot:
"It's funny, my left foot seems a little bit better than my right. I should have been a lefty, I think. Maybe I would score more goals."

On Josh Gros' assist:
"He didn't do much, basically at all [laughs]. No, Josh laid me a nice little layoff, set up perfect. I just tried to get some good contact on it -- some good wood -- and fortunately, it went in the right corner. He's a good goalie, too. He was having a good night and it was tough to get behind him."

On the team's performance:
"I think it was a good performance in the second half. They didn't do much at all and we really pressed them, moved the ball real well. We had a couple chances going away and on another day Esky has two goals. We know Esky's going to hit 'em a lot more than he's going to miss them."

On his current form and the upcoming World Cup roster announcement:
"I feel OK. I feel like I'm in as good form as I get right now. It's good timing -- are we talking about the World Cup here now? Is that what you're getting at? Yeah, we'll find out Tuesday. I feel I've played pretty well, as of late. You know Bruce [Arena] knows what he's doing. If he wants me on the team, he'll pick me. If I'm not in his plans, he's not going to pick me."

On speaking with Arena before the game:
"He's always busting me [laughs]. He's always making jokes and trying to put a little pressure on me -- old time jokes with the guys. He's winding me up."


On the game:
"[I am] very pleased with the result; I thought it was a very good game from both teams. It had a little bit of good pace about it, good tempo about it -- a fair result at the end of the night."

On Ronnie O'Brien's goal:
"Great strike, you know? Both goals were very similar -- you know both strikes from outside the box. It was a good strike left-footed. Ronny hit his very well ... being off his mark and the first one of the season for him."

On goalkeeper Dario Sala:
"Our goalkeeper played very well. He made some big saves and played up to his line and read the game very well."


On the game:
"We can really pass the ball when we take our time to settle down a bit. And when we move it, we're a good team. And at times tonight we stopped moving it is when we starting hitting long balls and stuff and we had to soak up a lot of pressure from them. If we pass the ball, we're a hard team to beat."

On the play of goalkeeper Dario Sala:
"He was great, he was great. He was an immense person -- he kept us in the game. He made some great saves, a good save off a corner. I don't know who headed it, but he made a great save when [Josh] Gros was offside. So I think he was our man of the match today."

On the result:
"Yeah, it was a good result. This is a hard place to come. You know, D.C. United is a great team, they have a great style like we have so a point on the road is always good."


On starting in D.C.:
"I mean I really couldn't have asked for anything more. This is my first start this year and to have it be in D.C. ... I made that goal on Thursday night. So it's like get ready to bring the family out and I really couldn't have asked for anything more. It was kind of a pleasant surprise, you know? And I'm really glad they gave me the opportunity and made myself, my family, everyone just really happy."

On the benefits of playing in the reserve division last year:
"I think it could be one of the best things that has come out of [MLS], the idea of having a reserve division. We've got to remember, we've got a lot of young guys out there in the league and anyone can step up. A lot of teams have proved it. I think as well as that and working with the coaches, and my teammates as well ... everything just really paid off."

On his first start:
"I felt comfortable, so that's a plus. I mean, of course the thing for me is if we feel comfortable in the back as far as one you know and I didn't really out of place out there. I felt really comfortable, pretty organized and I'm happy with myself."

On the D.C. attacking players:
"These guys were ridiculous. I mean they were all over the place. It's like you look at them, they're six-foot running right at you, down your throat and we had to be on our toes; I mean every minute you never know what could happen. Jaime [Moreno] is so intelligent and Christian [Gomez] could just drop on anyone. Alecko [Eskandarian] is also really dangerous. Freddy [Adu], Josh Gros, all those guys, very talented, very fast, very smart players. I thought we did a pretty good job containing them and to compare them over there, I mean you know the top teams. D.C.'s one of the top teams here."

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