Revolution 1, MetroStars 1 -- Quotes

On the result:

"I think it was a fair result. Territory-wise they were on top of that one, but as far as chances and other things were concerned I thought we matched them."

On why the Revolution continue to allow opponents to score shortly after the Revs score:
"People making the wrong decisions and being in the wrong place. If they were making the right decisions and they were in the right positions it wouldn't have happened. The theory is easy. We have to get it onto the field and make it practical."

On the Revolution's performance in the second half:
"At times we did move the ball well. I think we could be a little better, though. The boys agree. We can be a lot better with the ball. If we can get as much possession as we did today and be better with it we can cause people a few problems."

On his central defenders, Brian Kamler and Shalrie Joseph:
"They were solid. Exactly what we thought they would be. They took up good positions, covered well, put in the challenges and basically defended well."

On getting the draw on the road:

"For them having the most of the run of the play I thought it was a good result for us. Especially having that lineup out there and really only working on it for a week. I think we can build off of it."

On the confidence gained from earning a point:
"The first point of the season, that's biggest thing. In the first two games we scored a lot of goals but we gave up even more, so it's nice to actually come away with something. Training will be a lot lighter on everyone because we're not 0-2."

On his 87th minute save of Eddie Gaven's deflected shot:
"I didn't even really see it. Shalrie (Joseph) said that it hit off (Brian) Kamler. He tried to hit it, it went through Jay (Heaps') legs and I didn't even see it until it got through Jay's legs. Luckily I got down to it, I didn't think I would get to it."

On his first MLS goal:

"(Jay) Heaps headed a great ball down for me and I just sort of took it off the bounce. I was fortunate enough that it went in and it gave us the lead. It gives you more confidence, but unfortunately they scored just two minutes later. At the same time, a point is good at this stage."

On his adjustment to the MLS level:
"It's been difficult adjusting to the speed of play and positioning myself better to prevent the other team from keeping the ball - I've been working on that - so they don't have so much space. I try to make up for it with hard work and just getting stuck in on tackles."

On the result:

"It was frustrating, but it shows the character of a team (New England) that was going to fight and come away with at least a point. I think we were the team that clearly had the initiative in the game. When that's the case you have to be good enough to take the advantages that come your way. In the final part of the field I don't think that we were tough enough and made enough of the opportunities that we created through good passes in the midfield and that allowed New England through their hard work and their organization to get a point."

On the progress shown by his team:
"We feel like we're making progress as a team. When you look at the first three games, we still feel good, but we still see things that of course need to be better."

On the competition within the team for playing time:
"We're early in the season and I think we have more competition than ever for spots. We talk within the team about the fact that we may rotate players a little bit more this year and that we may need to keep everybody on their toes in terms of who's playing and the different combinations. I felt like that was a good group to start with today and still left us some options in terms of reserves. I thought that Fabian Taylor and Sergio Galvan Rey had moments when their movement and their understandings seemed good, but look at the end of it all we didn't come away, in that part of the field, with a good enough day so we just need more time to see how all these things work."

On starting rookie Jeff Parke in the back:
"All of the decisions were the same in the sense that from preseason on this year we felt like we have more good players and when we go into games on different days we will use different players. When you show up for the game some days you will be called on as a starter and some days as a reserve. I felt that Jeff Parke has played very well thus far. For a young player, he does some things very well. His timing on headers is very good. I think he reads players very well. He's very solid and simple with what he does. He's easy to play with and that's good to have him back in there."

On his goal:

"I was very happy because it brought us even and there was a possibility of getting another goal and winning."

On the team's performance:
"I think the whole team played well. Unfortunately we were not able to finish the opportunities and get another win."

"I felt pretty good, but I still feel of course that I need to get a better understanding of my teammates, but that will come with time."

On whether he felt the MetroStars let the games slip away:
"Definitely. We have to win home games. What we have to do now is go and try to find out what we need to work on to be better."

On his MLS debut:

"I don't think I showed too much today because I only got a few touches. But I hope to get more time so that I can show that I can do much more than I did today."