Rapids hope win starts trend

that was the first time I had an open shot this year. We need to get players the ball for open shots. We did that today and it was a good game for us."

Goalkeeper Joe Cannon agreed with Chung's assessment of the Rapids playing style.

"I really feel guys are more comfortable in the system we played tonight, and after we scored two goals guys felt like they didn't have to press," said Cannon. "I think for our identity hopefully it's the start of something. Hopefully we can go on and possess the ball on the road."

In addition to the offensive output, the Rapids continued to play their strong defense. Their clean sheet against the Fire was their seventh shutout of the year. Cannon attributed the performance to the team calmly reacting to the pressure placed on them.

"I think all of the guys in the back have felt the pressure," Cannon said. "Even the guys up top think we can't let a goal in, and that's why we've been so good on defense this year."

The shutout ties Cannon for the MLS lead with Kansas City's Tony Meola. Cannon, however, is not focused on individual accolades.

"All of that stuff, it doesn't matter to me," Cannon said. "Numbers in soccer don't mean much -- it's winning that matters. I hope we can keep this going and eke out a few points on the road."

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