MLS Newsstand – Friday, May 27, 2005

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USA, part of England's World Cup class, knows it belongs (USA Today)
They're wanted men (Boston Globe)
Besagno could debut against Fire (Salt Lake Tribune)
A New Game Plan Is in Order for Chivas USA (L.A. Times)
Subtraction is a plus for FC Dallas (Dallas Morning News)
Practice time? Let's get physical (Boston Herald)
Trembly's tough on field, easygoing off (Deseret Morning News)
Revs' Dorman starts to understand (Boston Herald)
Zuniga to get another start in goal for Chivas USA
Mulrooney not the only big name out (
Donovan, U.S. await England (San Bernardino County Sun)
Pressurized position (Chicago Tribune)
High hopes for Crouch (Chicago Sun-Times)
Improving USA no longer second-rate (BBC Sport)
Football fanaticism (Chicago Tribune)
Bringing `the sun of California to Germany' (Chicago Tribune)
Campbell lifted by captaincy (The Telegraph - UK)
England continue to think big (The Telegraph- UK)
Richardson finds role in Chicago cast (The Guardian - UK)
Invisible men out to catch Eriksson's eye (The Guardian - UK)
Carrick given a second chance at England career (The Independent - UK)
In case soccer folds, Fairpark stadium may be best bet (Salt Lake Tribune)