MLS All-Stars 4, Fulham FC 1 -- quote sheet



On Fulham's performance:
"I'm sure Chris (Coleman - Fulham manager) got out of it what he wanted as far as coaching his players for 75 minutes. They showed glimpses of how dangerous they can be. They're a team that's going to be right there again in the English Premier League battling for Europe."

On the Fulham penalty kick:
"I thought it was a pretty harsh call. We could have been two or three goals up by then. We had a couple of chances. But I'm just happy because this is the first game I've won this month."

On the play of second-half substitute Jeff Cunningham:
"He's leading the league in goals and you can see why. The fans love him here. They'd been giving me stick the entire second half to get him in. He's a great player and great finisher. He's got a great turn of pace that is tough to deal with especially that late in the game against a team that was that tired."

On the format of the All-Star Game:
"I think there have been some great games in the last month. It has heightened the level of interest. Chelsea were outplayed by D.C. United the other night. D.C. United probably could have deserved to win. People keep asking whether we can compete. Yes we can compete. We're a good league - a strong league with a lot of good players. I hope we didn't sell too many today. The boys have done themselves a lot of good today. People are going to take this league seriously, as they should."

On the play of Taylor Twellman:
"He was great. It's a tough position to play up front on your own. I've done it a few times a long time ago and it is a thankless task. But he worked very hard, held the ball up and brought people into play. He put them under pressure. He deserved it."


On the result:
"We surprised them a little bit. You have to take into account they're starting their preseason and we're in the middle of our season. But at the end of the day 4-1 is a good result."

On what the result means for MLS:
"I think this game it does help MLS. We're catching up. You watched Chelsea vs. D.C. United and D.C. United played very well. We're well on our way."

On being named All-Star MVP:
"I'm happy but at the end of the day Jeff Cunningham had a pretty good showing in the second half as well."


On being captain of the All-Star team:
"To be the leader of a group of guys like this and the effort the guys gave was phenomenal. But on a weekend game where guys are taking time off from their clubs and they have been playing lots of matches - to come out and give an effort like they did today is phenomenal. All the tribute goes to the players for their performance today."

On battling Fulham forward Brian McBride:
"They played McBride up top alone so it was easy for Jimmy (Conrad) and I to pass him back and cover each other. It's tough for anyone to be two against one. We were able to double-team him and keep an eye on him together. That made things a lot easier and they didn't get the service they were looking for. With good service in the box, McBride is very dangerous and our outside guys did a good job."


On his performance:
"They came out and showed me some love today and I wanted to reward them with a goal, which I did today. The fans appreciate me over the years and I wanted to reqard them with a good performance."

On scoring two goals:
I was just hungry. I didn't care if they were tired or not. I wanted to score because the fans deserved to see a goal from me. The first time I touched the ball I took a shot. I just wanted to score."

On Taylor Twellman winning the MVP voting:
"Taylor did well for 70 minutes. I think he deserved it. I've never seen the voting done like that before, with the voting done before the end of the game. The entire team did well but I'm happy to be here and it's all good."

On the reception from the fans:
"The fans showed me a lot of love today. I really wanted to perform for them. When I got the first one, that was enough. When I got the second one, it made it even more special. I'm happy to be part of this. I'm not sure when I'll be back. Maybe another eight years?"

On MLS proving itself through the game:
"Everyone in the world on the international stage knows we have quality players. People know we have quality players. It's on us to continue to improve. Hopefully the league will continue to grow and we'll be considered the top league in the world in a few years."

On the performance from Fulham:
"They're professionals and they don't want to come out and lose. We showed we have quality players."

On playing in the All-Star Game:
"We had a great turnout today and it was a great atmosphere. It was nice to play with guys you usually play against."

On the goal scored off his shot:
"The goal deflected off of Ronnie (O'Brien) but it was going to go in. It doesn't matter. Goal or assist it's still on the scoreboard."


On the game:
"In the second half we certainly were not as fit. They got stronger and we just got weaker. It was hard to prepare against a team that was six months into their season. It was our preseason and it showed."

On the errors the team committed:
"We made a lot of errors that I simply won't accept as a manager. I let them know that in the locker room. These especially happened on defense. It was preseason but we need to cut those out when the season starts."

On the importance of the game for Fulham:
"They played very well and were quite fit. It was tough but that what was what we wanted for our preseason. When it comes down to it, you learn more from a defeat than a win."


On the result:
"The MLS team played well. They kept the ball really well and were able to keep it in our end. We had trouble on defense and they took the play to us.

On the performance of the MLS players:
"It was a shame about the result but it was a good game. We knew it would be tough. They have a lot of good players in the league and I think people can see that. I mean, you have to give credit to them. They beat us and played really well."


On the experience of the MLS All-Star Game:
"Off the field it was great. It was a lot of fun to be back in Columbus where I had spent so many great years. It is a shame about the result but we are in preseason and don't have the fitness of the MLS players."

On whether or not Fulham underestimated the MLS All-Stars:
"I don't think they underestimated the MLS guys. It is more a case of not knowing. The English don't really know very much about the American players or MLS. I think the knowledge and awareness is growing now."

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