Jacuzzis appear to be important to Earthquakes 'keeper Pat Onstad.
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Goalkeeper's Log: Best of ...

Dear Diary:

Well it seems as if I'm out of ideas. However, I think maybe a little insight into the sick and twisted mind of a MLS goalkeeper may be interesting. "Isn't that what we have been reading all these weeks?" you say. Yes, but here it goes lists of useless information, which may just make excellent reading material in your personal sanctuary.

Best of ...

MLS Hotels:

1) San Jose Hilton: Great location, large quiet guestrooms and outdoor pool with Jacuzzi. The Canadian national team was extremely pleased with the services.
2) New England: Right across from a large mall and 100 yards from multiplex theater. Solid pre-game meal with the "best cookies in whole league" according to Eddie Robinson.
3) Chicago: Great location in the heart of Chicago. Terrific choice of restaurants and shopping. Some rooms are suites. Rooftop view of entire downtown.
4) Washington (D.C.): Right across the bridge from Georgetown. Jogging trails right outside door and excellent large Jacuzzi.
5) Kansas City: Great breakfast in open lobby. Attaches to mall and movie theaters. Good workout area with outdoor pool (a little cold in October!).

MLS Stadiums (Not including my favorite Spartan):

1) The Home Depot Center (L.A.): Soccer specific. Great atmosphere. Large playing surface (not always in the best condition). Great rivalry = great games. Home of MLS Cup 2003 (an Earthquakes victory, of course).

2) Soldier Field (Chicago): Great new stadium right on the water. Lots of room in the dressing room. The grass was a little long but still a great venue.

3) Crew Stadium (Columbus): Soccer specific. Large and always in good condition playing surface. Fans are very close to the goal at one end, making for some interesting comments. Home of U.S. Open Cup 1999 (Rochester Rhinos victory).

4) Cotton Bowl (Dallas): A little large for soccer, but the playing surface was fantastic. Also the large dressing rooms with steep ramp down to field add to gladiator feel.

5) Arrowhead Stadium (Kansas City): Nice big field and last year had a great atmosphere with a large crowd. We had some success there last year.

MLS Fans:

1) San Jose: Always behind their team; win, lose or, more recently, draw.
2) Chicago: I've never suffered more abuse, and that includes high school basketball. Very knowledgeable about the game.
3) D.C. United: Constant goalkeeper abuse. Great toilet paper tossing ability (they need a baseball team).
4) New England: Fans support good soccer. They know both home and visiting teams inside and out. They also seem to enjoy a little goalkeeper abuse.
5) L.A.: After late arrival (except for die hards), they never stop supporting Galaxy. Plus, I have a funny feeling they don't like the Earthquakes too much.

MLS Team Nicknames:

1) Earthquakes: Could be the most appropriate nickname in the league.
2) Fire: Again very appropriate and also brings history of the city in the name.
3) Revolution: Historic and symbolic.
4) Burn: Have you ever played an afternoon game in Dallas in the summer?
5) Crew: First team to build a stadium and has always been a workmanlike team.

I'm sure that if you asked each player on our team their "best of", each player would have completely different answers. But like I said, this is just one goalkeeper's opinion.

-- Pat

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