Pat Onstad would like to congratulate the Danish women's handball team.
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Goalkeeper's Log: Ask Pat anything

I've been asked a few questions from people around the Bay Area and I thought you might like to hear a few of them. Some are related to soccer and some are just common questions that anyone might have of a professional soccer player. The last names have been deleted to ensure anonymity.

Question: How much credit do you think your tremendous, knowledgeable, good-looking goalkeeper coach should get for your success in MLS? Tim H., Palo Alto

Answer: Well Tim, I don't know about "tremendous, knowledgeable or good-looking," but I will say Tim Hanley has been instrumental in the success of the Earthquakes goalkeepers. We train really hard ... well, we train ... well, sometimes we train, but it does seem hard. At least we talk a lot, you know, about the game (weekend, life, family...). Tim's been great!

Question: You are the oldest guy on the team. How does that make you feel? Jeff A., Los Gatos

Answer: Thanks for the question Jeff. It makes me feel old but at least I'm a goalie and I can play a little longer than most field players.

Question: I am tired of hearing that Canada won 12 medals to Denmark's eight in the Summer Olympics, but can you tell me where the Canadian women's handball team finished? Ronnie E., Campbell

Answer: I can't Ronnie. However, congratulations to the entire nation of Denmark for winning their third straight gold medal in women's team handball. I am sure you are very proud.

Question: I'm a forward and I'm pretty good. Do you think Canada would have wanted me to play for them? Did I mention I'm half Canadian? Landon D., Willow Glen

Answer: Listen Landon, it is not easy to play for your country. You have to be a pretty good player. I think Canada has a lot of quality players and it would be difficult for anyone to be able to get into the side. Also, you need to be pretty marketable to play in the World Cup side for Canada. Most of the Canadian players are household names up there. Good luck with the soccer, maybe one day you'll play for the Earthquakes!

Question: Yo Onstad, you suck! You couldn't save a penny! Jon C., San Francisco

Answer: Jon thank you for taking the time out of your day to comment on my playing ability. I always have time for my fans. If you send a self-addressed envelope with return postage I'll be happy to send you an autographed photo. Now as to my free-spending ways ... have you been talking to my wife?

Question: The best cookies in the league are in Boston. Eddie R., San Jose

Answer: I'd have to agree with you, but how would you know?

Question: I heard the team might be moving to San Antonio. I ain't going. Beast, Tracy

Answer: You must be one dedicated fan to even think about moving to San Antonio to be near the team. With fans like you I find it hard to believe that we would actually move. The Earthquakes need people like you. Maybe you should speak to the team and they could set you up with a sweet job in marketing or maybe you could work game days and whip the crowd into a frenzy.

Well I hope you enjoyed these questions and answers. I know there were many questions and comments that I could not get to. Maybe at a later date ...

Best wishes,


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