Gaven getting wired: We will have better results

Hey everyone! How are things going? I am doing pretty well. We lost our second match in a row Saturday night against the Rapids, so I'm pretty bummed about that. However, the team has been working extremely hard and I know Sunday we will have better results.

Regarding Saturday, it was a tough loss. It was our second loss in a row so we definitely want to do better this weekend. The game was frustrating and we didn't create too many chances to score. The Rapids ended up getting the one goal and we could not bounce back from it. Hopefully, this game against the Crew will be better, it's a big game.

Speaking of the Crew's visit, I may have the opportunity to go up against friend and former teammate, Danny Szetela. It's definitely going to be cool. It'll probably be exciting for him too because it will be his first time playing in Giants Stadium. Danny's a really good player and it would be a lot of fun if he got on the field and I was able to play against him.

The team has been working really hard in training this week. I think everyone here knows the little things they didn't do Saturday night and they're trying to make that better for Sunday's match.

Other than that after training very hard on the field, the guys always try to keep things light around here off the field. Recently we've been playing some hoops in the locker room. Twenty-one and Around the World are our two newest games. I'm usually up in the top, but haven't won yet. I try hard though and that's what counts.

Now it's time for some questions:

Jennifer from Chicago, Ill., writes:

"My question is referring to a recent interview with Jonny Walker. In that interview he referred to you as "The Judge" as a nickname. Why do your teammates or just Walker, call you that?"
Well Jennifer, the entire team refers to me as "The Judge." Mike Nugent, who played on our team last year, initially called me Eddie "The Gavel" Gaven. From that, because judges use gavels, the guys starting calling me "The Judge."

Erik from New York asks:

"Having started your soccer career when you were younger as a striker/forward, do you feel any different about playing in the midfield as a professional? The same thing seems to be happening with Freddy Adu (D.C. United), being moved back into the midfield. Why do you think this is happening and does this type of position shifting impede the development of a true striker in the U.S.?"
I actually played most of my life as a midfielder. During that time, there was a short stint where I played forward. Growing up playing both positions, I do not feel there was a drastic switch. I do not feel that this impedes any player from developing as a true striker. I feel if you are a good enough player, you can adapt to any position change.

So far, everyone's questions have been great. If you would like to ask me a question write to and I'll be sure to get back to you.

That's all the time I have for this week, another round of Twenty-One is starting and hopefully, this time I'll win. Tune into next week's column and see what happens.

Take care and God bless,

Eddie Gaven #24

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