Gaven: Big match ahead

Hey guys! How's it going? Things are going pretty well over here. The guys are still pretty excited about our 3-2 victory over the Revs last Saturday. We also are pretty pumped for our big match-up this weekend versus the Crew.

Saturday's victory against the Revolution was huge. I think it was very important for us. It shows that this team has a lot of character because we came back from a two-goal deficit, without some key players including our points leader Amado Guevara. It was a very big game against an Eastern Conference rival and the victory shows we have the ability to be an unstoppable team.

In this match, I was also able to contribute by scoring the game-tying goal. I was definitely happy because I have not been scoring lately. When I scored the goal I was just in the right place at the right time. Chris Leitch chipped the ball up, then Fabian Taylor shot but missed and I was there to just put the ball in the back of the net. I'm eager to start a scoring streak since I have had difficulty doing that all season.

This weekend's match is huge because we have the opportunity to get back into first place and more importantly clinch a playoff spot. One of our goals is to be in first place at the end of the season and for us to accomplish this, we must play well in our two matches against the Crew. Saturday's game will be tough because we are playing on the road and the last time we played the Crew we struggled a bit. Hopefully this time we will be at full strength and play a little better.

In the locker room, we haven't been playing as much basketball. We, yet again, have a new game in WiffleBall. Jonny Walker's birthday was on the 13th, so a bunch of guys brought him a cake and a WiffleBall set. Since then we have been having our own version of Homerun Derby in the locker room. I'm a much better WiffleBall player than basketball player. I played baseball when I was younger, which helps. I'll keep you posted on how long this new activity lasts. We seem to have a new one each week.

Time for some questions:

Tara from Pennsylvania asks:

"When you're really busy how much time do you really have to yourself and how much do you get to see your family?"

Well Tara, obviously since I travel a lot, my time is limited. However I spend as much time as possible with my family. Soccer is my job, but not my whole life so I do have free time. I am blessed to have a great family to spend time with. I really am much like any person my age, it's just my profession that is a bit different than most."

Diana from New Jersey asks:

"My question for you is, does size (height!) matter for a professional soccer player? And do teams look for players of a certain size during the draft? Does a talented player who is 5'6" have just as good a chance to get picked by a team as a talented player who is 6'2"?"

Diana, I do not really think that height is that much of a major issue. There are very talented players who are 5'5" and 5'6" in this league and leagues around the world. I think height can be an advantage, at times for aerial plays, such as headers. But it also helps to be small because you may be quicker. I don't think that height or anything should stop someone from pursuing their goals and reaching their dreams.

Well guys, that's all the time I have. Send me some more questions to . Wish us luck this weekend; it should be a great match!

Take care and God Bless,

Eddie Gaven

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