Fire 1, Galaxy 1 -- quote sheet

great accuracy on the shot -- I have to give him credit on that. I made some changes after the half and started sending Sasha [Victorine] a bit forward more. Cobi's [Jones] action and energy in the midfield helped tremendously. The team did well to score the goal. I have to give them a lot of credit."

On what team needs to improve:
"First of all, we have to play faster out of the back. Our transition from the back line forward is too slow. We have to keep the ball better to create what I call more sophisticated opportunities in the attack. We have to start playing the way we played in the second half from the beginning and start sending players from the back forward more and we are taking a bit more risk because the team responds a lot that way."

On bringing in Guillermo "Memo" Gonzalez late in the second half:
"Chicago has great speed on both sides and in the middle. Memo is the fastest player on the Galaxy and he is a left-sided player. In training over the past three days, he's had some outstanding goals and has one of the best shots I have seen. I have known Memo for a long time and I have tremendous confidence in him. I felt like giving him a shot and see how he did -- I was pleased."

On Carlos Ruiz always coming through with a goal:
"He is guy a that put in a pretty tough match in Canada on the 18th and came back and managed to get a goal for us. I think that he was a bit fatigued tonight and I don't think you saw the Carlos Ruiz that you would if he didn't have a qualifier in the mid-week. That's his quality, he manages to get goals and that is why he is such a valuable player for us."


On the energy of the game:
"(Coach) Sampson gave me the opportunity to play today, and he told me to give 100 percent for 15 minutes. I gave him all I could. A 1-1 tie is not what we want at home, but we'll take it."

On his assist to Carlos Ruiz to tie the game:
"It was a great through ball from Cobi Jones, and I just played it across, and it was a great finish by Ruiz."

On his thoughts for the next two weeks and preparing for the next match:
"We only had three days to work with (coach) Sampson, and we came out with a 1-1 tie. I think in two weeks for the next game will be a lot better than just three days."


On the game-tying goal:
"Cobi made a great play to get the ball to Arturo and he got it quickly to me waiting at the (far) post. I was able to put it into the net."


On the game:
"For 88 minutes it was really very good and it is very disappointing to concede a late goal considering all the hard work we put in and what I felt was a deserved three points. We said we needed to leave here with points and we felt it should have been three. We are a little disappointed."

On letting one slip away once again:
"Teams are going to push when they are behind and we just need to have a level of concentration that has to remain high and one play has made a difference against us this year. And it happened again."

On Wednesday's U.S. Open Cup game:
"The guys are ready to take on a semifinal in the Open Cup. We had a great effort tonight and it's disappointing that we didn't come away with three."

On the Galaxy's style of play:
"The Galaxy played OK. It's never easy to come into a game like that and protect a lead. I think it was a good introduction to our team."


On his goal to put the Fire in the lead:
"I came in and Ryan Suarez didn't want to step, and I saw the opportunity to shoot. I tried to get it to the back post and got it down and caught Hartman by surprise. He has been hard to beat all day, but unfortunately we couldn't come away with the win. We really needed three points today and we thought we stole one today, but the Galaxy kept pressing and got the equalizer."

On reaching 50 career points with his goal tonight:
"Right now self-achievement is on the back bench. The team is what's important and there's nothing to celebrate. We are still in last place and last in our conference, and until things get better then I won't be able to enjoy these self-achievements."


On his overall thoughts on today's match:
"The game was just very disappointing. We have been this situation before, trying to defend a lead, and we have simply let ourselves down. Whether it's putting the second goal away, defending, taking time off the clock, or making that one play, I truly think we have beaten ourselves."

On any changes that need to be made to accommodate for the Fire's play:
"That's a good question. Sometimes the X's and O's don't matter, and who you put on the field doesn't matter, but when you're winning games you know you're doing something right, and when you give away leads you know you're doing something wrong. I don't know if it's a certain mentality or something inside guys that's lacking."