D.C. United 2, FC Dallas 1 -- quote sheet



On history with D.C. United:
"They've got a history, more so because of one player, rightly or wrongly. We had a history because of the Open Cup, it was a good game to win. One thing led to another, I thought our boys came in from the first whistle and tried to set the pace. We took our time to hold on to the ball. In the second half, we came out better but it was unfortunate not to get anything from this game."

On U.S. Open Cup semifinal against Chicago:
"Definitely, it's another one against a team that we played another spirited game, a lively game. I'm disappointed tonight, but that could have been them because they worked very hard tonight."

On giving up:
"No, not at all. We will turn this around. Some of the lineup changes were for other reasons."

On the play of Carlos Ruiz off the bench:
"I thought that Carlos was great after he came on and could have had two or three goals."


On his team's character:
"That's the positive thing, that we, especially in the last 10 minutes, we dug down, fought hard and showed that we're not the kind of team that will give up."

On looking ahead:
"We have seven games left in the season, and the good thing is that we already put ourselves in a good position to qualify for the playoffs and that is the thing that really matters at the end of the day. So we have seven games to figure out and turn around the bad luck or misfortune that we have so we'll build off the positive finish and go from there."

On D.C.'s second goal:
"There was a lot of confusion on that second goal. There was an injury and the way that the ball was played over the top Bobby Rhine really thought that they were giving it to us and then all of a sudden one of their fastest players picks it up and he's running in on our goal so then we were all chasing back and in bad positions and it cost us."


On his team's performance:
"The team did well the last 15 minutes or so but then again we got punished for two stupid mistakes. We should never have given up the first goal and we should never have given up the second goal. Every week we keep doing that and no matter how hard we fight it's hard to come back from that and we just didn't have enough tonight."

On the quick turnaround before Wednesday's Open Cup semifinal:
"We've had two months to think about (this winless streak) so it doesn't really matter. The next game is an important one and it's coming up quick so we have to shake off this result and try and get a good result on Wednesday."


On his leadership role within the team:
"We're all in this together and we have a good team spirit, and we showed that on the field tonight, but sometimes I think I have to take more of a leadership role in talking to the boys and positioning people on the field and generally getting people going. It's something that me, Ronnie (O'Brien) and Greg Vanney seem to do a lot. Sometimes you feel that you have to take it on your shoulders being the older boys and having that experience."


On his goal:
"I got the ball from Mark Wilson and turned with it; I had a little bit of space and tried my luck with a shot and it went in. It was my second goal of the year and I don't plan on stopping. I'm going to keep working hard so that I can keep on scoring."


On the win:
"It was a great effort from our guys. We knew it was going to be difficult, especially at the end but the guys did a very good job today. We took advantage of our chances and won the game."

On their defense:
"We did a great job defending the ball today. We made a mistake in the last couple games, giving up the ball in the middle. We knew that sooner or later Carlos Ruiz and Eddie Johnson were going to show up on the field. We knew that we had to make adjustments. Except for the late goal, we put pressure on the ball and did a great job. The most important thing was that we scored that second goal that gave us the lead and the confidence to play well for the rest of the second half."

On Facundo Erpen:
"We knew that he was going to be good at center. We had to play him in the first couple of weeks at a different position, as a sweeper. We had to insist on him communicating. That's why he played a couple of games as a marker. Right now, he goes back to his natural position. Now, he communicates with the guys in front and behind him."

On Bobby Boswell:
"We have confidence in Bobby and he will have a great season. He was ready to be put in these type of games and competition is always good."

On Nick Rimando:
"Nick came up with a great game. You cannot win the games without great goalkeeping. We have five games left and we need to keep going."


On the Ramon Nunez goal:
"It shouldn't have been a goal; the ball hit me in the hands and it hit the back of the net. I was looking for the shutout, but we got the three points and that's most important."

On his assist:
"I can't believe that Bobby Rhine missed the ball on the sideline; I just tried to hit a good enough ball. I thought Jamil Walker would get it, but he put a good touch in, faked the goalkeeper and Santino Quaranta put it in. That assist is fine with me."


On the match getting chippy:
"We really got into them because they (FC Dallas) were at home. We were really pumped up to play this game and it was a physical game. Guys were battling; we came out, were workmanlike, and outworked FC Dallas tonight."

On the end of the game:
"I don't know, there were words exchanged between their coach and one of our players. I stood up for him. It's an emotional game. Guys get frustrated and things happen."


On his physical nature:
"They always try to start things with me. I always try to play hard all the time. With Ronnie O'Brien, I went to tackle him and it went crazy. At the end, it's three points and thanks for coming and we will see you next year."

On FC Dallas:
"I respect them, they're a good team. We look forward to playing them. From the beginning we fought, we stepped aside, we sticked to our plan. We did everything we wanted to do from the beginning. Fortunately, we scored some goals."

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