Joshua Gros' goal after being drafted was simply to make the D.C. United roster.
Rich Schultz/MLS/

A day in the life of ... Josh Gros

Coming out of college, I definitely didn't expect to be in this position. I didn't expect to be on a team heading into the playoffs. I wasn't expecting to be a full-time player. I wasn't expecting to be a starter, but I'm glad that is where I find myself today.

When I was drafted, my only goal was to make the team. If I made the team, anything else would be a plus. I worked hard during the preseason to show Coach Nowak that I deserved to have a place on his team. The coaching staff gave me a shot this season and I think I've fit in well. I've been a starter most of the season, which is a lot more than what I expected.

Going into the playoffs, I think, as a team, we're ready. All season long, we knew that we were a good team. In the beginning of the season, we didn't get many results, but now we're coming together and playing a lot better. As a team, we expect to do well in the playoffs.

D.C. United and the MetroStars have had a long rivalry. Having graduated from Rutgers University and now playing for D.C., I know that it's a big thing. It was nice for me last weekend, because about 40 people that I know from Rutgers came up to the game. We got a big win to help us get ready for the playoffs. It's great to be a part of such a great rivalry, one that I know will keep going for a long time.

I'm now looking forward to being a part of the next chapter in its history.