Wade Barrett

Barrett: Three is a magic number

Three points, Quakes fans, three points three points three points. Terhe pniots, trehe ponits, there pinots. No matter how you look at it, it feels great.

To Dr. Seuss, it feels like three in a tree, three on my knee, three with some brie. To Shakespeare, it would have been "Et three, Brute?"

To Will Hunting it would have been 10x42dividedby5plus6x2dividedby12 x3minus6dividedby13=3. Aha! To those of us on the Quakes, it means a great lead up to the game on Saturday. The week after a win is always a nicer time around the locker room, a looser time on the field, and a happier time at home.

Ask any of our wives or fiancées; they will tell you this is true. Food tastes three times as good, gas prices are three times as low (I wish), and my diaries are three times as funny. This week's diary, as if there is any doubt, is a tribute to the number 3, in groups of three.

Three: the number of spatial divisions we live in.

Three: the number of Advil I have to take after every game.

Three: the number of States that have a city named Newark.

Thomas Jefferson: the third President of the United States.

The Hancock Tower: the third tallest building in Chicago.

Indian Ocean: the third largest ocean in the world.

Three. Tre. Drei.

Things that are packaged in three's: Del Monte canned corn, ankle socks at the PUMA store, The Lord of the Rings Complete Paperback Edition.

I often have thirds of green bean casserole at Thanksgiving dinner. I came in third in my third grade speling bee. I lost some money a few weekends ago on Davis Love III.

I learned about the Triceratops (literally, three-horned face) in elementary school.

I ate at a great restaurant called Flor de Sol in the part of New York City known as Tribeca.

Dicky V says "trifecta" about 3 million times during the college basketball season.

"Once, twice, ----- times a lady..."

"Oh won't you give me ----- steps, give me ----- steps
Mister, give me ----- steps towards the door..."

"It's ----- and I must be lonely..."

Well, I think I'm all three'd out. Til next week,

Gatorade of course, Gatorade of course, Gatorade of course,


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