MLS secondary transfer window to open on Monday

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After a couple of months of downtime, the MLS transfer secondary window will open up on Monday.

For the first time since the primary transfer window closed on May 11, teams will again be allowed to acquire new players via international transfers or intra-league trades beginning on Monday. They’ll be able to do so until August 3, when the window closes for the remainder of the season.

Teams will still be able to make trades that do not involve players (i.e., swap draft picks, roster spots, allocation money and other assets) after the window closes on August 3.

They’ll also be able to sign unattached players until the roster freeze date – at which time teams must submit their final 28-man roster that cannot be changed until the day after MLS Cup – on September 15, 2016.

Additionally, clubs may transfer or loan their players to non-MLS clubs at any time, subject to the transfer window of the recipient club’s national federation and subject to consent of the player.

Click here for the full MLS roster rules and regulations.