Don Garber - league meetings 2019

MLS Commissioner Don Garber joined Colorado outlet AltitudeTV for an interview on Thursday, saying everything is on the table as far as a format for competition when the league resumes play.

"I'd say yes, everything's on the table, and it should be, it's one of the benefits of having time to take a step back and perhaps think about life going forward that might be a little different — and in positive ways," Garber said. "We'll get back to playing and we'll get back to having our fans and we'll get back to MLS having the momentum that it had leading into its 25th season. But maybe we'll be producing games differently."

"Maybe we'll be interacting with our players and our fans differently, maybe we'll be thinking about technology and how we communicate and how that technology can be used in our broadcasts and what we're going to be doing with our social media, how are we going to be using devices differently," he added. "All those things are empowering and now that we have time when we're not in the triage mode of dealing what we have to deal with hour by hour, we're spending 20-30 percent of our time thinking about the future. And that's really pretty exciting."

Watch Garber's full interview on Altitude Sports Social below.