MLS Canadian Clubs to Host Remaining Home Matches in Canada

National Interest Exemption approved by Canadian government

Protocols implemented to allow all MLS players to compete in cross-border matches

NEW YORK (July 29, 2021) – Major League Soccer today announced that the three MLS Canadian clubs will host all remaining regular season and postseason home matches in Canada.

The announcement was made as the Public Health Agency of Canada and the Minister of Immigration have approved a National Interest Exemption that outlines stringent health and safety protocols allowing for all MLS players to participate in cross-border matches.

Included in the National Interest Exemption requirements, all traveling players and staff will continue to undertake COVID-19 molecular testing prior to, and upon arrival into Canada, regardless of their vaccination status. Those individuals who are partially vaccinated, or are unvaccinated, will be required to observe a modified quarantine. Upon receipt of a negative COVID-19 test, these individuals may participate in work activities only, including trainings and games, and are otherwise prohibited from attending other functions or places through the remainder of a 14-day quarantine period, or until they leave the country.

The announcement is made as 96% of Tier 1 individuals, including MLS players and club staff that work closely with the team, are fully vaccinated.