THUMB ONLY - DC United - The Office

If you spend time on Twitter, you have surely seen gifs and clips from the sitcom "The Office," used to convey all kinds of emotions. Within meme culture, there is a specific subset of meme culture devoted solely to "The Office" clips.

And D.C. United used that to full effect on Thursday, revealing an impressive 22-tweet thread reacting to the reveal of the 2020 MLS regular season.

The entire thread is impressive and worth watching, and the layers of club, league and Twitter logos superimposed on the faces of Michael, Jim, Pam, Dwight, Kevin, Kelly, Oscar, Toby, Karen, Ryan and more characters during key moments of the American show's run makes the entire thing very entertaining.

From the surface-layer comedy of Michael Scott's favorite "authentic pizza place" in New York City, and Kevin spilling a gigantic tub of chili all over the carpet, to the meta-narratives of Michael's disdain for Toby over multiple tweets, and Kelly getting a word in a very public forum with ex-boyfriend Ryan, many of the greatest hits are here. It's all impressive stuff, with sly digs and subtle jokes about many MLS teams in addition to the regular jokes, and worth watching a few times to see the extra details added by D.C. United.