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2017 MLS supporters' groups field guide: FC Dallas

2017 Supporters Field Guide - FC Dallas image
2017 MLS supporters' groups field guide: FC Dallas -

Photo illustration by Anthony Mendolia

The Dallas Beer Guardians

Natural Habitat: At the north end of Toyota Stadium, on the bleachers behind the goal

Visual Identification: DBG has member shirts and scarves that mix various FC Dallas elements, including a reference to the 1996 inaugural season. They favor red.

Defining Characteristics: They've gained a reputation for the quality of their tailgates. Visiting fans often compliment their work, especially from the group's president, Bailey Brown. DBG tailgates usually feature “beer Olympics,” themed beer and local craft beer, and in 2017, they’re doing food pairings (sounds fancy) with their preferred local craft beer, Peticolas.

Songs and Calls: A lot of the songs are similar to those used by fans of other soccer clubs, but they do have specific songs, including “Matty Hedges Freaking Legend,” and “Oh Baby Seitz.” Being a Texas team, they also use “Deep In the Heart of Texas” (with several fans on trumpet) as a go-to rallying cry.

El Matador

Habitat: Once a staple of the stadium's South End, they've moved (due to ongoing National Soccer Hall of Fame construction) to Section 121 in the southeast corner.

Visual Identification: They pay homage to the Dallas Burn with black-and-red checkered handkerchiefs, and provide supporters logo-ed shirts and scarves.  

Defining Characteristics: Going back to 2009, they characterize themselves as “the only Latin-style supporters group for FC Dallas,” supporting in both English and Spanish.

Songs and Calls: They favor “Yo si le voy a los toros” (“I am the voice of the bulls”), “Call to Arms,"  and “Go Dallas Go.”