2017 Supporters Field Guide - LA Galaxy FULL
2017 MLS supporters' group field guide: LA Galaxy - https://league-mp7static.mlsdigital.net/images/FG%20LA%202.jpg?null

Photo illustration by Anthony Mendolia

Angel City Brigade

Habitat: ACB stands the entire match at the north end of StubHub Center, in the general-admission seats above the goal, behind a large “Angel City Brigade” banner and a capo stand.

Visual Identification: ACB wears white, which enables fans to wear the home jersey, and they wave flags with blue, white and gold horizontal stripes and a large, checkered blue, white, and gold flag.

Defining Characteristics: They're a multi-ethnic group with a real Latin American flavor, and their members are considered among the most outwardly passionate of Galaxy supporters.

The Galaxians

Habitat: The Galaxians sit just to the left of ACB, near the northwest corner, in the front four rows of section 124, behind a large, gold “Galaxians” banner.

Visual Identification: The Galaxians' color is gold, and they have a big flag with the Galaxy's original “rotary” logo, and wave some green flags as well. Some members stand and drum throughout the game.

Defining Characteristics: They're the oldest of the supporter groups, dating to the inaugural season, and cultivate a family atmosphere that is largely Latino. They're the smallest of the groups, but contain some of the best-known and most loyal fans.

L.A. Riot Squad

Habitat: LARS cheer from the southeast corner of the stadium, behind a capo stand with the LARS logo.

Visual Identification: They wear black.

Chants and Songs For All Three Groups: All three groups' best-known chants are “We all cheer, we all cheer for L.A.”—and all three work together when the clock hits 15 and again at 60, with ACB and Galaxians screaming out “L!A!” and LARS answering with “Galaxy!” for a full minute.

ACB and the Galaxians have bilingual songs, and LARS often works to turn existing songs into Galaxy anthems, using, for instance, Dr. Dre's “Nuthin' But a G Thang” to create “Nuthin' But a G(alaxy) Thang.”