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The owners of LAFC knew they needed their new home to be in the heart of Los Angeles. So they dropped Banc of California Stadium into Exposition Park, right next to the LA Memorial Coliseum and USC’s campus. Just a few miles south of downtown, the park is right off the 110. But as any L.A. resident will admit, it’s much easier to avoid the notorious L.A. traffic and take the Metro Rail. The USC Station stop drops off right by the Rose Garden in the park, which makes the short stroll to the LAFC Plaza enjoyable.

LAFC fans arrive at a match ready to have fun | photo by Triskih Sanguanbun

The best time to head to an LAFC game is during one of their Fan Fest tailgates, the next of which will take place ahead of Thursday derby showdown with the LA Galaxy (buy tickets). The lawn surrounding the stadium transforms into a pre-game party that has something for fans of every age and commitment level. It’s definitely recommended for those who want to get to the game early enough to miss the crowds, but it’s also for anyone who wants to warm up with the rest of the LAFC faithful. The party is full of drink specials and chances to win prizes, not to mention there's a DJ as well.

Members of The 3252 get a song started | photo by Triskih Sanguanbun

Fans requiring more gameday gear can visit the LAFC HQ. The store's black and gold industrial design reflects the grittiness of the city and the spirit of the fans. Its bold design is the embodiment of the club’s slogan, “Street by Street, Block by Block, One by One.” Among all the options is, of course, an entire wall covered in the most iconic LAFC accessory: hats that bear the club logo already made famous before the team hit the field.

Walking into the stadium, you can't miss LAFC’s supporters section. They're The 3252, and they’re the club’s most loyal fans. Unlike some other clubs, the capos here keep the songs that start in their section G-rated. They pride themselves on diversity and inclusion.

Olly the Falcon is the start of one of MLS's best pre-game rituals (though she is sometimes relieved by a male falcon, Fig). She’s a Red Naped Shaheen Falcon who’s handled by a celebrity guest on the field before each game. She takes off, flies over the crowd, and then returns back to her handler. She represents what LAFC stands for; she’s fast fierce, fearless, regal and strong.

Every section offers a great view of the field | photo by Triskih Sanguanbun

The club’s dedication to the fans really shows in the way it designed Banc of California Stadium, where there truly are no bad seats. However, different sections do offer different game experiences. The premium sections offer seats with plush cushions. The 200-level City View section in the southwest corner of stadium include an incredible view of downtown L.A., and if it’s an early evening game, a sunset view as well.

And there are tons of food options. There’s the Figueroa Club, which requires a specific Fig Club ticket and is designed with an urban vibe; city planning maps, graffiti, and murals make fans feel like they are in downtown LA. The club has communal seating and a rotating menu.

There are plenty of delicious food options at "The Banc" | photo by Triskih Sanguanbun

The party continues postgame The Field Club, an indoor lounge where the families of players sometimes hang out, and the more family-friendly Sunset Cub. The latter is also open during the game, offering an overhead view of the 3252. There's even a wading pool.

After just a few months, "The Banc" has already found it’s own identity of diversity, inclusion and loyalty. It's a tradition that's built to last.

You can get a view of downtown LA from your seat | photo by Triskih Sanguanbun

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