Darlington Nagbe for Fantasy Doctor
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Fantasy Soccer Doctor: Attacking efficiency, key passes, don't panic (!) and other post-Week 2 advice

Tell me if this sounds familiar: You’ve put in the preseason hours, researching and obsessing over the best way to construct your MLS Fantasy team. This hard work seemed to pay off in Week 1, when things went well enough to win your head-to-head battles, but things took a turn in Week 2.

Expensive players underperformed. Now you’re wondering if you should eat a plateful of point penalties or give in and spend the wildcard.

This early in the season, we’re dealing with too small a sample size to make long-term predictions. There are trends out there to watch for, especially when debating whether or not to transfer out an attacker with a hefty price tag. Every player on this list requires big bucks, so invest wisely:

Worth the price?
Player Team Goals Shots Shots in Box Price
Blas Pérez DAL 3 9 9 $9.3
Clint Dempsey SEA 3 6 5 $11.3
Fernando Aristeguieta PHI 2 9 7 $7.6
Fanendo Adi POR 2 5 4 $9.2
Chris Wondolowski SJ 2 8 6 $10.7
Obafemi Martins SEA 2 3 3 $11.2
Jozy Altidore TOR 2 3 2 $9.6
Octavio Rivero VAN 2 10 8 $8.6

Some of those players are getting into the penalty area to let loose frequently, others are more efficient with their shot selection. Will these stats help this week’s patient?

We get our letter from Jeffery Guerrera, who didn’t have too good a time with his team in Week 2.

Dear Fantasy Doctor:

My fantasy team is just bad all around. Hardly anyone performed in Week 2, and I need to know who I can get rid of. Should I jettison stars, or are there bench players to dispose of? Help!

It’s safe to assume you’d like to get more than seven points from your forward pairing, especially considering you captained one of them.

New York City FC forward Adam Nemec ($7.4) has only contributed five points thus far, and his upcoming schedule, which includes a fifth-week bye, isn’t favorable. I can respect trying to keep a budget option, but one shot on goal while taking four shots inside the penalty area isn’t as accurate as we’d like. Not when Fernando Aristeguieta ($7.6) is available for just two-tenths more. The Philadelphia Union forward is involved on set pieces, and his accuracy is impressive. Better than half his shots in the penalty area have been on target, and half of those have been goals.

Sebastian Giovinco ($11) has a bye this week, then comes back with three away fixtures and another bye. That alone is enough to recommend him as the pricey player to drop. I’m also not a fan of his distribution, as he went without a key pass in Toronto’s loss to Columbus. Things changed with the red card, but a match at Real Salt Lake when they come back from the bye is going to be difficult as well.

How about Darlington Nagbe ($8.5)? His price tag gives you much more wiggle room. He’s creating chances in Portland, and with Sporting Kansas City still figuring things out he could have an immediate payoff for your team. Vancouver has also shown their vulnerability, and then Portland gets Dallas at home.

It can be scary letting go of guys with big price tags. The budget might not be there to bring them back if they start to go on a tear. You just have to let go and trust things will work out.

Don’t worry! There’s a long way to go. Keep that wildcard as a safety net for when things really get rough.