Open Thread: Armchair Analyst

Introducing the Open Thread: Fire away at the Armchair Analyst Matthew Doyle

The people at your workplace think you're weird because you love talking about soccer. And maybe you are a little weird, because at your cousin's wedding, you kept checking your phone to get the MLS scores instead of, you know, actually watching a family member get hitched.

When your team loses you can't sleep, and you just know that ref had it in for you so you've got to get that off your chest, too.

You've got a mental Rolodex of midfielders who might be available via trade, and you have gone through the entire list of EPL and Bundesliga veterans who are available on a free transfer this summer. You might have e-mailed — or tweeted at — your club's technical director just to make sure he knows what you know.

In short, you are a fanatic, and you need a way to vent your frustrations and a place to just talk soccer. Specifically MLS.

Well, I'm here to help.

As part of the ongoing Supporters Week here on, we will launch a new feature today: The Open Thread. This is where you, the supporters, jump into the comments section and ask questions, and I, the fearless Armchair Analyst, attempt to answer them.

So bring it on. Ask me about next year's draft class (it's looking decent, not great), who could be the next DP coming to an MLS team near you (obviously, Luis Ángel Landín), and where the next expansion club should be (I say...).

I can't promise to answer everything, but I'll do the best I can.

Make yourself heard.

EDIT: 5:30 pm ET, and it's time to wrap up. If you want to spent more time hanging out with editors, hop on over to the G+ Hangout with our own Andrew Wiebe.

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